An elegy for My Good Friend and Illustrator, Frank Cavalieri (1958-2014)

I met Frank when I was a tiny puppy because Doc and LouLou took me to Spanky’s on the River to show me off!
Frank, Freddie and Cheryl were so cute to let me sneak into the bar so I could get cuddles and kisses from Doc and LouLou’s friends.

Shiloh and LouLou
I saw Frank a lot during my growing up years because I rode with Doc and LouLou in the VW Bug to park in front of Spanky’s while they had dinner at the restaurant. Shiloh in Bug
Frank came to my house in town to draw a huge picture of me on the bathroom wall. It is the one with me in the bathtub from Shiloh is Found. Shiloh Wakes Up Book 1 Pic 7
When Frank opened his own restaurant, Tappas by Anna, in City Market, he let me join Doc and LouLou on the outdoor patio and I got to chill under the table while everyone had great Italian food and wine! Shiloh at Restaurant
He read every single one of my books with his two boys while he illustrated every single page of the books to let you know what was happening as you read, or someone read to you.
I love the way he made me look so cute and even made me bigger as I grew up during the books’ stories. Shiloh Trips Back Cover artwork 173831
I think Frank was one of my bestest friends in the world and I will miss him until I cross over  the Rainbow Bridge. I know that I will meet him again in heaven and that we will play and paint more pictures someday.
I love you, Frank Cavalieri. Thanks for telling my life story in illustrations.
Shiloh Mobley Shiloh-Signature1.jpg

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