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 Shiloh GravitarRead about Shiloh, the rescued pup’s, adventures after he finds his forever home…

Happy Summer!

The picture at the top of my website is what Sophie and I do during summer storms. We love summer, but because we are spoiled by our parents, Doc and LouLou, we appreciate air conditioning. I suppose you could say we are summer indoor doggies! See how great life can be for a rescued pup? I am now almost 15! Sophie came to live with uswhen I was 7 years old and life is good!

Summer Reading Recommendation

CAK Cover art for Shiloh website

Check out our new child crafts book on amazon Kindle! It is called

Child’s Activity Kit 1 – The Seasons and costs only $1.99 on Kindle. You will get many writing, drawing and craft projects to do to celebrate all the seasons of the year!


Did you know you do not need a Kindle to read books? Amazon has the Kindle reading app for FREE, so you can download the app on your PC, iPad, IPhone, android or any other device you use to read books! Here is how:
1. Go to amazon.com
2. If you do not use the link above, type “free Kindle app”   in the Amazon search box,.
3. When the Kindle app window opens, the top of the page has the information and “learn more” for you to click and go to the instructions for downloading the app.
We did this to get the app on our PC, using Mom’s personal email address

Hi there! “mom” here…

I also chose the option to enter my iPhone number and Amazon sent me a text message with the link to download the app on my iPhone.
On the iPad, you can follow the same instructions for using your email that you check from your iPad, and then use that email to click the link and download the Kindle app to your iPad.
We think it is great that you do not have to own a Kindle to enjoy all the benefits of reading the Kindle books! You will also get the direct link for downloading the Kindle App when you go to my Child’s Activity Kit book and click the Kindle app ad, located immediately under the book’s cover picture!
Enjoy more books anywhere you go!

Be safe and have a lovely summer.

Love, Shiloh and Sophie