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 Image1SiF CS Cover Website


Shiloh is Found

Shiloh tells how he was rescued after being deserted on an airstrip  Shiloh Meets Cover for website


Shiloh Meets His Sister and Other Friends

Shiloh finds that his sister lives around the corner and she was also rescued
 S&D CS Cover  Shiloh and Doc Take Walks Shiloh meets a new critter on his walks with Doc  Shiloh Discovers Cover for website


Shiloh Discovers Different Foods

Shiloh tastes some foods that  do not agree with his tummy

 SS CS Cover


Shiloh Swims

Shiloh learns he can swim when he meets two geese in his lake  Shiloh hides Cover for Website CS


Shiloh Hides From His Parents

Shiloh hides in a new room nside,so Doc and LouLou have trouble finding him
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