Come see me at the 2nd Annual Novel and Wine Tasting Festival

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Hi pet-friends!

Mom and Dad, (LouLou and Doc) will be with me at the

2nd Annual Novel and  Wine Tasting Festival, an Arts and Literary Festival

in Ridgeland, SC at the September Oaks Winery. Click on the link and read all about the Festival. It will be on Saturday October 25th from Noon to 6p.m.

We will have a Shiloh’s Story tent and I will be selling my children’s story books about ME, SHILOH!

All Shiloh’s Story books are illustrated in color, they are in nice glossy paperback and they cost $8.00 to $10.00. when you buy one of the books, you get my autograph on the inside cover!

Many other authors and artists  will be there, so your parents, grand-parents, aunts, uncles and friends will want to attend with you!

Entertainment and food will also be present.

Hurry up! Save the date and come see me. Oh yes, I have to bring Sophie. She will love to meet you, too.

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Saluting Dogs That Labor – Working dogs

Monday, September 1st, 2014


Happy Labor Day, my buddies!

People are fixing BBQ and cole slaw, dogs are laying at their feet, waiting for a bone or a taste. I want to send a shout to all the working dogs in the world because they do so many labors for people.

Here is a link to LouLou’s article on Doggie-Diva .com about how service dogs help care for people:

Service Dogs Have Many Roles


Here is another great link to the Dog Times Media article on dogs that work:

Working dogs for Labor Day

by Pamela Abramson

Show your working dogs lots of love…give them a bone, a pat, a tummy rub and a hug!


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What’s New at School?

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

Hi, my buddies:’

Are you enjoying your new school year? Sophie and I watch the school bus go by our house and we wonder what you are up to when you spend all day in school.

WhaShilohSophie 012t is the first thing your teacher says when you get to your class?

Where do you sit in your classroom? at the front? at the back? on the floor? in a circle?

What do you like to read? stories? chapter books? magazines? newsletters?

What is your favorite topic when you can read, discuss or write about anything you wish? sports? animals? science? nature? What else?

Write an email to Sophie and me. We want to know what you do while you are in school.

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Me too!   Sophie  Sophie looking out



Yellow Dog Holiday Tips from Shiloh

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

Hi there, my buddies. The article below is from Parade magazine and LouLou thought you might want to think about the topic. If you give a pet for a gift, my advice is to be as great as Doc and LouLou are to me (and my sister, Sophie). I moved into their lives after someone dropped me off on a country field on a VERY cold December morning. I am thankful every day to have them as my human parents. A rescued pet is going to always love you for saving them. Just be sure you choose the right pet for your family.


10 Tips for Adopting the Right Cat or Dog  (Click my picture to get story)



Here are some gift treats for your furry family members.

Summer Heat & Dogs

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Friends of dogs, attention please! LouLou found another summer article for you. My little sister, Sophie, and I love to travel in Doc and LouLou’s Bug. BUT, they are very careful about how we go together. They tell us to “load up” and we hop into the hatchback of the Bug where LouLou has a big blanket. We plop ourselves down, on the blanket and enjoy the ride in air-conditioned comfort. When we get where we are going, we all hop out of the car and go inside. My human parents would not think of letting us stay in the car for even one minute! In the South, where we live, it gets hot just walking around. LouLou says this article tells you all about how to help us furry buddies stay cool in the summer. They love us and we love them.

 Happy vacation,


SPCA implores residents to take extra care of their dogs when temperatures rise