About Shiloh

Baby-Shiloh-Header-WP1.jpg Read about Shiloh’s life after he was rescued by a neighborhood of people who turned him over to a loving couple. He was found on a cold December morning in the middle of a country airstrip. The temperature was 21°. He has grown up in the same neighborhood for more than a decade. He is a big happy yellow lab/golden retriever mix weighing 80 pounds.

The books started when Shiloh quickly showed his new human parents, Doc and LouLou, that he had a sense of humor and was a very smart dog. He has written 9 books while there are more in the works about Shiloh becoming a “townie” in Savannah, GA and getting a little sister named Sophie.


All Shiloh books are written by
Margaret Mobley as told by Shiloh.
Each page is illustrated in color by
Frank Cavalieri.



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