Shiloh Tells About Being a Rescue Dog

Shiloh talks about his rescue by Doc and LouLou.

My first book, Shiloh is Found , tells the entire story about how I was “thrown away” by someone in a pickup Baby Shiloh is Foundtruck during a very cold December night! I don’t remember much before that time, because I was just a little pup of 7 lbs. and 7 weeks old. I just know that I wiggled myself onto a big stretch of land, hoping someone would see me to warm me up!

When the sun came up the air was not much warmer than it was during the night, but, in my ice cold ears, I heard a faint roaring sound. When I looked up through my tears, I saw a big, metal thing that looked like a bird Here comes Shiloh's rescueheaded right for me! I was afraid it might swoop me up and I would never be seen again!

To my surprise, the metal bird opened, and a tall man hopped out to walk toward me. When he scooped me up in his arms, I was so happy to feel all that human warmth and security!

Read my book in Paperback, on your phone or on your Reader using the Kindle app. Just go to and type Margaret Mobley in the search box to find all my books.

Shiloh is Found, is a very important book for those of you who find, rescue or adopt a new doggie in your life. I Shiloh and LouLoutell all about how wonderful it was to be found and adopted by a loving couple who have given me a happy, warm, long life!

Oh yes, all my stories are true! I experienced everything in them with the help of my dad, Doc, and mom, LouLou.

Happy reading!


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